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Human First Technology

First, there was a word, then a pen, then a typewriter, then came a computer and smartphone with mass publishing and endless information streams. The information available to any one person at any point in time is way greater than the current technology tools can help to filter to have at manageable and productive levels.

Founded in 2017, Loomi.ai is a London based technology company focusing on creating human-focused artificial intelligence in order to take the next step in the information evolution.

Our mission is to provide simple, intelligent choices for people to manage the endless flow of information that is modern life. We build technology that removes admin complexities and information overload to create space in our customers' lives and minds, so they can achieve more. We believe highly developed personal AI assistants are the solution, assistants that know your preferences, priorities and goals and organise information in one seamless interface accordingly.


User Security, Privacy, Transparency

At Loomi we take care of your data using the highest level of information security. Our work with the Machine Intelligence Garage Ethics Committee https://www.migarage.ai/ethics-committee/ main objective is for the product build to be ethical and secure. We also work with researchers at UK Universities including Brunel and Northumbria on ensuring we build transparency into the AI algorithms. Our aim is to design them so you understand at a glance why something is shown to you, but more than that, to enable you to have full control of your data. And we don't share your data, ever!


Having built digital solutions for some of the world's biggest brands, Loomi founding team focus now is to build a secure, ethical, private space for users to interact with the information through their personal assistants.


Founder and CEO

Al is a co-founder and CEO of loomi.ai. Al is a business leader, technologist and digital transformation evangelist with an extensive experience across multiple sectors covering leadership roles in the technology and marketing. Al started his career in the technology building digital solutions for some of the largest brands like Toshiba, Samsung, Vodafone and Marks and Spencer. More recently spearheaded digital strategy for one of the most successful UK based startup, IHS Markit, helping them grow to market capitalisation of over $20B and employing over 15,000 people.

Surjit Bhachu

Founder and CTO

Surjit is a co-founder and CTO of loomi.ai. Surjit is a full stack technical architect with previous leadership roles helping brands like Toshiba, Tesco Mobile, Vodafone, Dixons, Sony and Oracle architect and build award winning services. Surjit has more than 20 years of experience in software engineering, web applications, cloud computing and database technologies. Surjit has successfully migrated multiple large scale legacy platforms to scalable, high performing and secure applications using the latest cutting edge technologies and infrastructure.


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